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Connect Logistics offers air, ocean and land freight solutions, air and ocean freight assembly, FCL dispatches or LCL and DROP dispatches from every airport or seaport in the world. Additionally, we offer consolidation services in our own containers from selected destinations and by that ensure the most effective cargo conveying.

The unrivalled experience we have accumulated over the years has contributed to establishing tight and continuous connections with airlines and shipping companies the world over and a long range relationship with networks of international agents. we represents worldwide networks of agents in about 195 countries and is also represented by them, which allows us, among other things to set such attractive tariffs.

The time factor in international trade is critical. It is an aspect in which any advantage over the competition is a significant one. Connect Logistics we make it a point to maintain close cooperation with all our clients, adjust the nature of the service to their needs while maintaining superior uncompromising quality to ensure maximal satisfaction. All this could provide you with this momentous advantage.

Freight Assembly

Connect Logistics provides freight assembly services of a number of suppliers under one freight bill and by that saves you additional expenses in import and export.

Our company has consolidation dispatches in air freight and groupages in sea freight from all the central ports in the world. The major advantage in freight assembly is getting a fixed service with a given timing.


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